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My friend, Seann, a senior in high school, wrote this piece about his experience living with the spectrum we call autism. Despite misunderstandings and struggles to connect, Seann gets up each day and shares his considerate, compassionate self. What stands out most clearly is how he able to weave his skill with video-gaming into his real-life experiences communicating with others. Way to integrate, Seann.

Spectrum Survivor

I am a veteran of a spectrum that scars many
A soldier fighting for social skills against a menace that takes them away
In a battle that is never ending
Enlisting in infantry for the battalion of verbal etiquette
Facing articulated artillery on a daily basis
Dodging mortar of miscommunication
I continually pick out shrapnel of sharp tones and ill-gotten insinuations
Sickish slurs at times weakened this already maimed freedom fighter
Feeling like the only warrior in this war of words
My speech is left perforated by the craters of criticism
I alone fight in the trench of my native tongue.
Craters of misinterpretation are left in the battlefield of communication
Repelling reinforcements with rounds of subjective meanings
Preventing the siege of social acceptance
Unable to hold them back
I had to retreat to the next blockade.
The fear of defeat staring at me with cold judgment
I hope for normality
With that goal in mind
I reach deep from within
For another fighting chance
Once more unto the breach
I fight
Running back into sensory saturation
I make a final push for survival
Transparent to the enemy’s line of sight
Fighting back foes with social solitude and comforting confrontation
My enemy now eliminated with exaggerated expression
Opposition obliterated
The reinforcement is now running
I stand victorious
Full with the valor of verbal expression.
I am triumphant against the threat of Autism.


Seann Blair, 2014

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