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Reading List

My opinionated, annotated list of Feldenkrais-related materials. As I re-encounter resources that have passed through my hands, I’ll post them here.

  • The Potent Self, Moshe Feldenkrais. A thorough, bold, and challenging review of human compulsions and possibility, it’s well worth the contemplation. What is life without the compulsive habits that drag us around? Hmm, it might be very different. Feldenkrais thought so . . .
  • Dennis Leri,, contemplative and pertinent articles on the Method from his perspective as a member of the first US Feldenkrais Training in San Francisco. Personally, I love lying on the floor in an Awareness Through Movement (R) class or workshop with Dennis because I know that I will always come away with something that I have not thought of and I will feel just fine about not having known it before and very excited to now know it. During my Feldenkrais (R) training, 1995. I was obsessed and needed to “know,” which is such a resource-waster in terms of compulsions. One day, Dennis was perfectly fine with me not knowing and would not indulge me by answering my question. I threw a mini-“fit” and worked my way through it and since then my life is a lot less attached to the knowing.
  • Ryan Nagy, Utah Feldenkrais. The Feldenkrais Blog: Podcasts on Feldenkrais & The Feldenkrais Method®. Ryan, web genius and Feldenkrais pracititioner helps us non-webby humans make our way in and out and around and under and over and through and between and around and about and before and after and left and right and surrounding the experience we are hoping we’ll have when we get online. (Blog/Audio/Podcasts/Webinar)
  • Learning For Health, Deborah Bowes and Cliff Smyth, educational materials for self-care. At the 2004 Annual Feldenkrais Guild of North America Conference in Seattle, Deborah taught her pelvic health workshop and I was captivated by her teaching. Her CD set on Pelvic Health is worth the investment.
  • The Slow Down Diet, by Marc David. A completely Feldenkrais-ian approach to eating. I love the comments all through the book about paying attention, increasing awareness, what to do when you’re stuck and stressed, and that being “stuck” on a plateau is all about the body thinking that you’re in crisis mode and you need to store up in case of bigger emergency.
  • The Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships, by David Schnarch. You’ll come back to this one over and over. From two-choice dilemmas, self-soothing strategies, and compromise versus integrity-keeping in a relationship, Schnarch covers it all. I couldn’t help but feel like he’d taken a Feldenkrais training and applied it to the dynamics of our most personal relationships.

And, the list will continue to grow.

  1. Hello again today, Kim. I am wandering around as I work to learn to blog. Is this in place of While Walking? For your book list, I recommend the first Maisie Dobbs book, as a detective she acts like she knew Moshe. Light quick reading. Nice to find a friend in this cyberspace! Linda

    • Oh Linda, hi!!! And, I do so hope you love blogging. It’s an amazing medium. I read that the fervor is dying down about it and what will be left is a good and solid medium with which to convey ideas and interact with one another in a way that books or magazines just can’t/don’t.

      As for While Walking, I’m sure nothing will replace that effort. I may resurrect it at some point in the future, but for now blogging here and there and rolling up my virtual sleeves and getting back into the writing. Thanks for thinking of me and the Maisie Dobbs suggestion. I loved that book and it WOULD be a good one to share here. Hugs to you, safe travels.

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