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Feldenkrais® class resumes September 11. And, 4 links you’ll love.

August 28, 2015

Dear Feldenkrais Enthusiasts,

No class on August 28 (today) or September 4. I’ll look forward to seeing everyone on September 11.

For some reason, I’m resisting stating a theme. It’s true the theme of a Feldenkrais class is always, Expanding Awareness. Let’s go with that.






Now, For The Fun

Four links I promised or think you’ll enjoy. 

First, the obvious.
Going Shoeless at Work Could Make You Less Stressed and More Productive

Second, more obvious.
Why the Floor is Your Friend, by Stacy Barrows.

Third, the Feldenkrais community is all abuzz. A long-awaited biography about Moshe Feldenkrais is now available. Unfortunately, at present it is only available as a collector edition, $47.


Fourth, watch this toddler climb this wall. She’s been doing this since she could pull herself up. She’s safe, just enjoy the movement. It’s incredible how connected she stays to her sense of balance and when she’s ready to move and when she needs to find a different foot or handhold. Full article here. 

Feldenkrais class resumes September 11

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  1. That was amazing to watch. Slow, fluid movement.

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