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Class July 24 plus Four More Summer Classes

July 23, 2015

As uncharacteristic as our Portland summer weather has been, it has required great patience on the part of humans. Patience to wait, to go slow, to not rush about, and to be planful about trips outside in the near-100 degree heat. 

This summer has insisted on a change of behavior and a loosening of habit. A letting go of old ways and a pausing to see what might enter into the scene. 

Whether it’s turning to look over your shoulder on your bike, swimming in a lake or river, or dancing the waltz at a friend’s wedding, every Feldenkrais students benefits from the opportunity to examine the intricacies of moving forward Into this life with grace and elegance.  

And, while the Feldenkrais Method isn’t a spiritual practice, I can think of fewer things more spiritual than learning to bring the whole self into each and every thing we do. And then living into that fullness and awareness. 

Join us, we’re here for summer classes through August 21. Then we’ll resume again September 11. 

Classes at Subud Portland, 3185 NE Regents Drive. 


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