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Class June 26 and Reflection: This Short Life

June 24, 2015

Greetings Feldenkrais Enthusiasts,

We are having class on June 26, this FRIDAY. Yes, indeed. But, not on July 3 or July 10. Lots of complications and sincere apologies for the changes in dates. I’ve extended the weeks in August to make up for the missed dates and offer you a 9-week class, as promised. Of course, you can always drop-in as you have time in your schedule.


Reflection: This Short Life 

I’m headed to Arizona to visit my aunt. The aunt who used to visit when I was a child and stripped down to her psychedelic bra when she didn’t have a swimsuit. The aunt who grew up not a mile from where I live now. The aunt who wondered who would raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with her in 1998 and I said, I will.

Reflection: This Short LifeThe aunt I wrote to when I was 17 and asked if I could come stay with them in Colorado for the summer. The aunt who said yes. The aunt who didn’t get mad at me when I was in a fender bender with her car. The aunt who included me in her life as if she’d been with me every day since I was born.

This aunt, Suzanne, has been an inspiration to me, so now, when she’s ill, I’m not questioning my impulse to get on a plane and spend time with her.

For now, you can find me in Flagstaff holding Suzanne’s hand. I can’t think of a more perfect place to be right now. Maybe I’ll get to push her outside in a wheelchair to sit in the fresh morning air and reminisce about our trip down the river. Despite the fact we can’t go on a big adventure or I won’t be moving in with her for the summer, we will soak up our time together, as we always have.

May you find the same in your life, the soaking, the communion with a loved one, the reminiscing of old times. This life is short, might as well revel in it.

  1. You’re in exactly the place you need to be! Enjoy….

    • I know, Wally, right? You know this path, so many of my friends do. This time I’m the support of the support, not the front and center. It changes things in some ways, not at all in others. Thanks for touching base.

  2. Matt Williams permalink

    Beautiful reflection, Kimster. Came at a perfect time for me as I’m spending the week with my 81 year-old Mom in my hometown of Beaumont, TX. Happy 4th of July!

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