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Merry Feldenkrais in the New Year

December 23, 2014

The year winds down and planning for 2015 is revs up.

As I reflect on what it’s meant to have each of you on the reading list, in my classes, and coming to my home where the dogs greet you as we work on our lessons, a feeling of deep satisfaction settles over me. This business of developing an interest in our own lives is engaging in the way studying anthropology is engaging. Our human behavior fascinates and when we’re able to observe our own and be interested by the effects of this small adjustment or that larger adjustment, the learning becomes even more intriguing.

It’s not surprising that when my schedule is less packed, there is more space for the learning and attending to the details. There is more space to visit my father, more space for writing, more space to walk with the dogs. Then, when students arrive for lessons, we sink quickly into the exploration, minus grappling with the reverberations of rushing.

Merry Feldenkrais in the New Year

Next week, I’ll update you on the class schedule for 2015, but rest assured, Fridays will continue, on January 2nd.
Here’s to you and yours, focusing on the intriguing, engaging, and inviting throughout 2015 and beyond. Warm regards,
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