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Fri, Sept 19 is a One-Hour Class (and Reflection: Making Friends)

September 17, 2014

Friday, 10:45, regular Feldenkrais class.

Drops-ins welcome.

Respond to this email if you have any questions. 


Reflection: Re-evaluating 

My neighbor has a cat. Well, to be honest, she has three cats, but this story is about one of them. This cat, Otis, aka Otis Redding, is a young, marble tabby with red fur. I used to dislike Otis because he beat up on my old guy, Townsend. Some of you remember my stories about Townsend.

TownsendAnyway, every time Townsend would sneak outside to sit in the sun and make his neighborhood rounds, Otis lay in wait for him. I would hear the hissing and clawing and the sounds of distress. Try as I might to keep Townsend inside for his own safety, he slipped out when someone pushed open the door and bent down to take packages outside or brought groceries in or the myriad other things you do that cause a door to be left open a long time.

Eventually  there came a day, and it was Townsend’s time to go and we bid him goodbye with more than a few tears. For a long time,  I grimaced each time I walked by Otis and his confident walk making visits to my front porch where my favorite cat of all time used to sit.

Today, I walked a student to the car and introduced her to Otis. He obliged by responding to my gesture and letting me pet him. I have to admit, I did a double-take of how beautiful he is and how confident and quiet and unbothered by life.

First impressions are colored by the circumstances we ourselves are in when we have those impressions. Often we hang on to those impressions when the reasons for them have disappeared. I take back my-not-so nice thoughts about Otis and my knee-jerk response. He isn’t a trouble-maker, he’s just a tabby wanting a nice life.

In fact, I hope Otis lives a long and happy one and walks a kazillion times around our neighborhood and defends his porch and sits on mine. And, I wish him well with all the other things cats do.




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