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Fri, Sept 12, 9am-Noon: Feldenkrais Intensive…All Things Hip

September 11, 2014

This Friday, September 12 is a 3-hour Feldenkrais Intensive.

All Things Hip 

September 12, 9am – Noon
Subud House
3185 NE Regents Drive

The hips are the key to healthy action, that means we really can’t get by without them. We need them to be resilient and mobile, opening and closing when needed for walking, standing, sitting, hiking, cycling, dancing, and the list goes on and on. There is no action that can’t be improved by improving the functioning of the hips.  ​

The details:

  • $59, pay online here, or make other arrangements with Kim.
  • A light refreshment and water/tea will be provided.
  • Bring a blanket or mat, even though this floor is carpeted.
  • This class is for experienced students, those who’ve attended class for several months or who’ve had private lessons with Kim.


Reflection: Super Moons and Looking Long

Did you see the Super Moon on Monday evening? Wasn’t that incredible? I loved the way it hung there in the sky, looming large over my neighborhood. I was walking one of my dogs, the one willing to walk in the dark, and I glanced over my shoulder and could swear that Super Moon was smiling at me.

I looked again and verified there was a smiling face, made up of the shadows on the surface of the moon, or from it’s atmosphere, some aspects looked darker and others lighter. All to say, it was close enough to see some details. I also verified I was using only my right eye. When I looked with my left eye only, I couldn’t see the face in the moon. I went back and forth like this for the duration of the walk. Each time I came around a corner and saw the moon, I looked with one eye, and then the other, and then both. Within two blocks, I could see the face with both eyes looking together, but still not with just my left eye. I kept peeking and looking away and before KC and I headed for home, I could see the face in the moon regardless of which eye, or eyes, I used.

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve been spending lots of time in front of a computer screen. I’m trying to figure out how to reduce that time, but it’s not going to happen since I’m writing more these days. So, playing games like I did with the Super Moon is a great way for me to keep the abilities of my eye muscles. Looking at the moon is a great way to look long, in other words, increase the distance the eyes must focus.

Eye muscles, like any other muscles, get used to a certain length. If I spend my day writing in front of my computer, not only do I walk stiffly when I get up, but the muscles coordinating my eyes stay focused at about two feet in front of my face. Then, when I look up and out and all around me, at things that are outside and across the room, they may or may not be clear. And, just like my hamstrings loosen up after a few moments of walking around, so do my eye muscles warm up after looking casually near and far and all around for a few minutes.

Not to take away from the other super powers of a Super Moon, but the issue of seeing, looking, noticing, and focusing all came together in that moment of walking the dog and looking at the moon. When I’m not in the classroom, these are the ways I like to practice Feldenkrais, in the moment, at the time, on the spot, and when the need arises.

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