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Slouching & Unslouching (and Fall Class Updates)

July 6, 2014

This week marks the beginning of the final summer class series, Slouching & Unslouching, see dates below. While you may have been taught to stand up straight, good posture involves an easy readiness to bend, straighten, or slouch, all of which make standing tall easier and more elegant. Fortunately, that easy readiness is yours for the taking if you master a few key moves, most importantly refining the slouch.  

Wednesdays @ 10:45 am
July 9-August 6
The Wellspring School for Healing Arts
2440 MLK Jr. Blvd., Ste 202, Portland

Fridays @ 10:45 am
July 11-August 8
Subud House
3185 NE Regents Drive, Portland

Class Updates

I’ll be resuming the solo teaching of my Friday Feldenkrais class beginning on September 5, a class that dates back to 2005. My deepest gratitude goes to Michael Wesson for co-teaching with me over the last year. My father lived with me for several months following his stroke last year and I was a little worn out. Thus, co-teaching with Michael was the perfect opportunity to rekindle curiosity and reinvigorate my teaching. 

Slouching & Unslouching

The details of the Wednesday Feldenkrais class are being worked out. We will keep you posted as soon as we know more. 

If you are receiving this, you are already on Kim’s mailing list. If you’d like to get on Michael’s mailing list, sign up here. We are committed to sending only essential emails limited to topics such as classes, special events, and related learning opportunities. 

Contact one of us if you have questions:

And now, we’ll see you for some Slouching & Unslouching!


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