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Boosting Your Back Comfort, Feldenkrais-Style (and Resilience Studies)

March 17, 2014

Hello Friends, 

A new series begins this week in the Feldenkrais classes taught by Kim Cottrell and Michael Wesson. We just completed a very invigorating series on getting down to the floor and up again, those transitions that often keep us from doing what we want to do. Now, we’ll switch gears and focus on some self-care.

Did you know? Back pain is the second most common reason for a visit to the doctor, outnumbered only by upper respiratory infections. Eighty percent of adults will experience back pain and spend 50 billion each year (Journal of American Medical Association, 2013). You can reduce and prevent many kinds of back discomfort. This series is comprised of lessons to calm and restore healthy back function and prevent future problems by distributing the work throughout your entire spine. Join us, on Wednesday or Friday mornings at 10:45am, for the Boosting Your Back Comfort series and teach yourself to take care of your own back.

. . .

In class, we’ve had several discussions about the merits of being able to get up and down from the floor and the relationship to a long life. Here’s the article on that subject with a link to a video that shows how the test is scored. I’m very excited because after the last class series on Getting Down and Up, our students have many ways to get on and off the floor. I expect everyone will pass this test easily!

New Health Test: Sit on the Floor. Now Get Up

Now is the time to begin your Resilience Studies. Regardless of where you live, get yourself to a class or begin an activity that helps you build resilience, regardless of the name of the class. If you don’t live where there’s a class, watch this video and copy. Do it until you can copy. Go slowly, take care of yourself.

Dancing Baby

Just go.


Begin . . .

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  1. Matthew Henson permalink

    I am fairly new to Feldenkrais (6 months) and have already noticed extraordinary changes to the way my back works. Much more flexibility, and in sitting my pelvis has tipped back by something like 5 degrees. It’s exciting to notice that unhelpful patterns of movement and holding which have been with me for 40 years can be let go fairly easily. If you have the opportunity to attend Kim’s class, do!

    I endorse Feldenkrais as an effective way to care for your back but the mental changes have been even more striking for me. The wordless concentration needed to get the most from an ATM has spread into the rest of my life. I am much more productive at work. This may not last, but it is very pleasing while it does.

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