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Flexible Faces and Relaxed Spines . . . 2014 holds promise!

January 1, 2014

Regardless of the ways in which 2013 may have challenged your resolve or impeded your progress toward living a more comfortable life, there is always an opportunity to begin again. You can start anew.

Like I am.

Despite the over 20 years I’ve been studying and the nearly 20 years I’ve been teaching the Feldenkrais Method, life has a way of coming down hard on ease. No matter how skilled a person is or how diligent the practice, there’s this invisible friend called gravity. Gravity pins us down. It erases the past work of increasing flexibility and resilience, in some ways, and causes us to forget what we once learned.

Thus, the answer to the question of “How often should I do Feldenkrais?” is “As often as it takes.” Which is likely weekly, or sometimes daily, but to some degree, you need it for everything you do.

Considering the past year and many tasks that called me from the classroom and disrupted my private practice to a large degree, if I hadn’t been practicing the Feldenkrais Method with myself, every day, every hour, I don’t know what condition I’d be in right now. I am a living testament to the benefits of this work of paying attention. Increasing awareness to the details of one’s posture, to the specific way one is doing a particular task, and to the most mundane and repetitive of chores is the single-most effective way to remain mobile, comfortable, and resilient.

Join me for class this year, we are about to settle into 3 new 5-week series designed just for our students. Michael Wesson and I have created a series focused on the face and jaw, one on getting down to the floor and back up with ease, and a series aimed at reducing low-back discomfort. Each and every lesson contains the seeds for your learning, we’ve simply bundled them together in unique ways to follow a story we’d like to tell you about posture and awareness.

Get all the details HERE!



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