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Rolling Toward a New Year (November 13 – December 20

November 12, 2013

In this final 5-week series of the 2013, Michael and I will guide you through several rolling lessons. Yes, rolling. There’s nothing like it to help you feel more able, mobile, and agile. We thought rolling would be a unique way to focus on how to carry ourselves during this holiday season. The sense of being pushed about or pulled to take part, it can all get a bit much. But, rolling can give you a greater sense of resilience and flexibility, and you can make your decisions about how to respond with all the grace and elegance you own.

Join us (check my website for calendar and direction)
Wednesdays, Wellspring School, 10:45am
Fridays, Subud House, 10:45am

$50/5 weeks, $15 drop-in

. . .

Over on my stepmother blog, A Healthy Stepmother, I’m doing a 6-week series on scanning so you can more easily live inside your skin. You can follow along as you like, comment, and join in. It may be this is just the ticket for you at this time of year. Let me know if you find it useful and I’ll do some themes like that here on this blog.


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  1. Brilliant! How I wish I could be there!
    I taught a rolling series several years ago in Houston which was very well received. You’ve inspired me to revisit the theme, for my students and myself!

    • It would be fun if you were here, we’d laugh and roll the time away. And, I imagine you’ll soon be inspired to do a rolling series anyway, with that new grandbaby! Love the pics.

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