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Balancing Acts (5 weeks, beginning October 9)

October 1, 2013

Balancing Acts, a 5-week class, begins next Wednesday, October 9. Classes are Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:45am and you can sign up for one or both days. Wednesdays are at Wellspring School and Fridays are at The Subud. On Fridays, bring a blanket if you want one. $50/5 weeks or $15 drop-in.

 . . . 

I’m sure everyone I know is deep in the middle of a balancing act. Sometimes I wish I could wave my wand and stop time long enough for all of us to take a collective breath. We would inhale slowly but without restricting the flow of the air. We’d pause some nanosecond or two or ten and then gently release the air without pressuring it to rush away from us and without clinging to hopes of it feeding us more than it can.

The breath carries those molecules of oxygen that feed the brain and feeding the brain is what we are all about in the Feldenkrais Method. Those molecules can slip in and around and on and under and over and behind and above and below and beside and over and beneath and on top of whatever is in their way to get to where they need to go. Until they can’t. Blood behaves like that too, it navigates the body in the canals laid out for it, until it can’t.

My father-in-law recently suffered a heart attack and had a double bypass. The oxygen was not getting where it needed to go and the blood was restricted in it’s pumping. He is doing great now and we are glad he finally got the attention he needed. He did everything right, he reported in to the doctor that he wasn’t feeling well. They missed it.

My father, prior to his stroke, walked each day with high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Both of these were so high, they were robbing his body and  brain of the good flow and circulation he needed. In fact, for my dad, the rushing of the blood and the pressure were too great and caused damage by pressing in on other structures around them. The teeny tiny capillaries burst and he had permanent damage to the retina in one eye, in addition to the serious stroke he suffered. He looks back now, incredulous that he refused medication for so long.

As I’m reflecting these two elders in my life, and on being in balance and out of balance, I’m also contemplating what it means to rush headlong into something or hold back and do nothing. And I wonder about that middle place where we can live with responsiveness to what goes on around us and possibly even nudge and effect the actions and reactions of others around us. There is a huge playground of a place to play, in the not-this-way and the let’s-go-that-way moments.

It is into that space of potential and unknowing that Michael Wesson and I invite you to join us. We are teaching every week except Thanksgiving and the last week of December. Consider joining us.

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