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And the Feldenkrais® goes on . . .

May 5, 2013

Since I last posted, we’ve completed a class series on Sitting & Standing with much enthusiasm. The final lesson yesterday was about moving from sitting to standing, often wrought with tension and pushing from the neck and what Feldenkrais called misuse of the eyes, head, and neck. And, the next series on Balance should be another relevant and productive study. Also, since I last posted, my husband and I have decided to bring my father to live with us for a few months until he stabilizes after his stroke. Because of that I have cancelled my Wednesday class at least until the fall.

Feldenkrais lessons will go on in my home, a great deal of it. I’ll not only be working with my father, but I’ll continue with the private lessons for you, as usual. The Friday Awareness Through Movement® class, now in it’s 7th year, will also continue on. Fridays, 10:45am, Subud House, 3185 NE Regents Drive, Portland. 

Finally, the clinic I manage and mentor, Vital Human: Community Feldenkrais Clinic, is hosting a very special, never-before-in-Portland Feldenkrais Marathon and we’re donating all the proceeds to The Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Families! You can find out more info on our Vital Human blog, including what lessons are being taught and who is teaching them. Each lesson is $15 and you can attend as many as you want.

Bring your blanket and I’ll see you soon!
With respect, 

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