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Reaching ala Feldenkrais, 4 Classes in 2 weeks

March 11, 2013

Another special event for us these next two weeks in my Feldenkrais classes.

Reaching is one of the things we do all day. We reach out to bring things to us. We reach overhead to get things from cupboards, we reach to tie our shoes, we reach out in desperation and we reach out to help. Find out how to reach without compromising your balance or your comfort.

4 classes on Reaching
Wednesday, March 13, Wally Walsh (Harmony Yoga) 
Friday, March 15, Kim Cottrell (Subud House) 
Wednesday, March 20, Kim Cottrell (Harmony Yoga)
Friday, March 22, Michael Wesson (Subud House 

You may drop-in to any of these classes, no experience necessary, $15. For discounts, sign up for your regular Wednesday or Friday series by paying for both weeks of Wednesday or Friday ahead of time ($20) or pay online here. If you’d like to take all 4 classes and can pay ahead, bring $40 to the first class.

Contact me with any questions.

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