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The Most Elegant Approach to Fitness: Movement

February 18, 2013

Many of my students have rolled, reached, jumped, scooted, wiggled, folded, stepped, arched, and scrunched. They take the things they learn in my class out into their daily lives as fuel to allow them to know more, do more, and be more.

I shared this video in class on Friday and we marveled at what moving is, unfettered by the trappings of a gym, a class, or a boundary except the edges of the container we call the body.


Let’s keep taking what we’ve been learning into our real lives, into our actual moments for all the things we love to do. As Portal says, don’t worry so much about lifting and moving things around, it’s only after learning to truly control yourself that you have any business trying to control something outside of yourself. Hmmm, maybe that applies to our relationships as well.

Anyway, this Feldenkrais business is not about what do we do on the floor while we are in class. It’s about what do we do with ourselves when we are not in class.

. . .

Save the Dates!

Awareness Through Movement Marathon, Vital Human: Community Feldenkrais Clinic, May 19, noon-5pm.

Change Your Age, with Frank Wildman. Portland, October 19 & 20.

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  1. I’m watching a video of Frank’s lecture on History of Education from segment 2. Just as this email arrived and my phone beeped, Frank said “Moshe loved to watch elegant movement.” ….whoa!….goose bumps!

  2. Nice! How cool when the information is all coming in with the same messages. I love what Ido Portal says about moving. “I do not sit and wait for inspiration to come down from the heavens. I make time with myself every day, I motivate myself.” Woot. Lets!!!!

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