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Whatever You Do, Move!

February 13, 2013

I’ve been writing a lot lately. That means spending hours in front of the computer or over a piece of paper. Fortunately, I’m moving around, sitting on the floor, standing at a counter, at my desk. Even lying on my belly while I hang off my Feldenkrais table so I can get in a new position.

And, in between all that sitting, I’m moving. It’s keeping me limber and from feeling like rigamortis is setting in. Oy. The dogs call, my bladder calls (another good reason to drink quarts of water, to have the excuse to leave your work station).

I’ve been looking for fun ways to mix it up. Today I told my class to crawl from the desk to the table. Anything, anything to get you moving. Plus, the crawling on hands and knees is a great way to do some weight-bearing in your arms. We need that to stay strong and agile with good balance. I came home from teaching and did just that. My dogs went wild and wouldn’t leave me alone. Picture them following me around the room and we’re all going in circles.

Tonight, I found this article on my Twitter feed.

Why Hopscotch Matters

Awesome idea. Hopping.

See what else you can think of and I’ll go get the chalk.


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