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Bare Branches and Bare Bones

January 7, 2013

I walked my dogs today on this cloudy day with the sky as a back-light to the trees, bare and exposed to wind and rain and ice.

Bare Branches and Bare BonesI thought of a spine, a skeleton bare of flesh, exposed and vulnerable. Would bare bones reveal the hurts and harms of a lifetime? Would they show balance or imbalance? Would there be a curvature in the bones because of a particular lifelong posture?

How out of balance can a person be and still stand up?

Our greatest possibility for remaining agile and resilient and all those qualities we think of as youthful, lies in staying out of a particular posture. It lies in being able to take on any posture, slumping and unslumping equally, side-bending like a serpent to the right or left, rotating and spiraling like we’ve never known how to rotate and spin.

Excuse me while I go roll on the floor . . .

One Comment
  1. Heather permalink

    Your musings are so thoughtful and make me smile!

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