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The Joy of Breathing, a Special Event

December 3, 2012

Some think the breath is the most essential aspect of life, and while there’s no doubt many other factors contribute to life happening in an expected way, it’s also true we withhold and restrict and contract and prevent our breath from being the full breath it could be. Good breathing quality keeps oxygen running to all the brain cells, good breathing keeps us loose and relaxed and less apt to feel stressed, and good breathing just feels good.

December = 2 weeks of class
No class the last two weeks of December

We will offer 4 lessons total, a different one each on December 5, 7, 12, & 14.

Who is this WE? Kim has invited Wally Walsh to join her in teaching these four classes. Wally taught the classes when Kim was gone last month and this month Kim and Wally are teaming up to focus on the breathing lessons. Wally is looking forward to sharing his favorite breathing lessons to a group of mostly experienced students. Kim is looking forward to lying on the floor for a lesson or two in her own classroom.

Pricing the same as always, pay ahead and it’s $10 per, drop-in is $15. Wednesday @ Harmony Yoga, 2108 NE 41st Ave and Friday @ Subud House, 3185 NE Regents Drive.

Join us, for any or all of these soothing and rejuvenating classes.

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  1. Really looking forward to it! Thank you, Kim.

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