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The Face Lesson (Nov 30) and The Joy of Breathing (Dec 5, 7, 12 & 14)

November 30, 2012

The Face Lesson

I’m not a bragger, sometimes a ranter, and infrequently an endorser. Most of us need to find our own way in the world, which is why I don’t do gift certificates any more and am reluctant to tell my clients what they should do. When people come to work with me, we agree they will be responsible for their learning and access what they know to be true about themselves.

But, I’m breaking my own rules here . . . if you have not done a Face lesson of the Feldenkrais-variety, you should immediately figure out how to make that happen. It so happens, I taught the Face lesson on Wednesday at Harmony Yoga in the Hollywood District of Portland. I am teaching it again on Friday, November 30, at the Subud House, 3185 NE Regents Dr. But, that is not to say you should attend this class, only to say it is available. 

Every time I teach this particular Face lesson–the one where you trace the bones of your face and come away looking years younger because you are holding less tension in your face, the one where you stand taller because your neck and shoulders have relaxed in ways you don’t notice until you get up off the floor–every time there is someone who is completely speechless with the effect of the lesson on their experience of standing up and moving around after the lesson is over.

I believe that when we have the power to control the posture of our face, we have the power to control the posture of our body. It’s easier to track the tension of your face once you are skilled at what to look for. It’s not as large an area as your back and spine. You gain agility at noticing the tension around your eyes, your jaw, your throat and the base of your tongue. Believe it or not, the way you hold your tongue influences your posture.

Sure enough, this time with the Face lesson was no different. A student, who has attended classes for many months and has more awareness, commented at the end of class that he found a number of ways that the lesson connected to other lessons he’d done and he could notice the places he holds that get in the way of free and smooth movement.

If you are interested, there’s one more chance this year to take part in the Face lesson. No need to email or call, just drop in.


The Joy of Breathing 
Special class: 2 weeks, 2 classes each week

Each class is a breathing lesson taught by me (December 5 and 14) or Wally Walsh (December 7 and 12). Wally and I are teaming up for this pre-holiday, seasonal, non-war-on-christmas, get-yourself-prepared-for-the-busy, winter get-your-breath going extravaganza.

Here’s the scoop: Usually the Wednesday and Friday classes are repeated. Not this time. Each one is special and unique and if you take all four of them you will be prepared to climb Mt Everest. With two of them, you’ll be prepared for dinner at your in-laws. With one, you’ll be able to keep your cool in line at the check-out counter.

You are invited to each class.

I’ve put a special registration up on the Google Checkout if you prefer to pay online. Otherwise, please pro-rate the number of classes you’d like to attend and multiply by $10 each, with payment on December 5th. Otherwise, as usual, $15 drop-in fee.

We’ll enjoy seeing you there, helping you prepare for a relaxing, enjoyable, and time-tempered season. Call or email with questions. 503.890.6865 or kim(at)kimcottrell(dot)com.

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  1. And, of course, a couple of edits…’s the link to the online registration…

    And, you can register for the breathing lessons in 2 ($20), or 4 ($40), or pay as you go ($15 each).

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