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Change Your Age (Buddy Offer) . . . and . . . New Class: Neck & Shoulders

October 23, 2012

Change Your Age®, an energetic and fast-paced program based on the Feldenkrais Method®, is fun to do and beneficial to learn. The first all-day class in Portland is November 17 at Tabor Space from 9am to 4pm. Lunch included!

Among other things, you’ll go home with ideas for releasing hips, freeing shoulders and neck, and gaining greater balance, all of which will make sitting, standing, and walking much, much easier. You’ll go from tentative to confident, stiff to flexible, and cautious to eager!

Early bird deadline . . . Monday, October 29, $87 (register now)

After 10/29, registration fee $109

Special Buddy Offer . . . Sign up with a friend by October 29 and get an additional $10 off your early registration for each person, total $144. It’s likely  you already know if you want to take part in the class or not and I’d like to encourage and reward those of you who dive in and get signed up now so we can finalize the planning of lunch and layout of the day. Let me know if you have any questions! 503.890.6865 voice or text.

And, yes, October 29 is an extension of the October 27 deadline. Again, an attempt to make it convenient for you with a deadline on a business day rather than a weekend.

. . .

Feldenkrais® classes: Neck & Shoulders

A new 5-week class begins this week and runs until November 21. We’ll focus on how to organize to stay comfortable and productive when we’re doing so many things with our hands, especially if it involves being at a desk or computer or preparing meals for family and friends.

As always, classes are Wednesdays @ Noon and Fridays @ 10:45am.

. . .


Sincere thank you to Wally Walsh for substituting for me when I was gone on October 12. Wally has completed his first 2 years of his Feldenkrais training and is now certified to teach Awareness Through Movement® classes. While Wally is new to this work, he has years of experience doing Feldenkrais lessons in his home practice. When combined with his nearly 2 decades of practicing massage therapy, Wally brings a welcoming and thoughtful attitude to his teaching. I’m very excited to share his knowledge with you and he’ll continue to substitute for me from time to time so you can keep a consistency in your practice.

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