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Decision-Anxiety Tripled (the anxiety series)

September 26, 2012

I drove home from teaching today, sunlight streaming on the dash of the car, content to think of my class and what a fun lesson it was. A shadow from my past flickered across my mind’s eye and I saw myself walking back to the house with my mother from the grocery store on one of my trips home from college.

In my usual way after arriving home, I wanted to catch up with what was going on and share what was on my mind. I chattered away and my mom listened, paying attention to where she was walking and to what I was saying.

“You sure do change your mind a lot,” she commented after hearing my latest version of summer plans. Stunned, I could barely breathe, thinking what to say in reply. From my perspective, it wasn’t that I had changed my mind, it was that I hadn’t made up my mind yet. But this was my mom, her opinion trumped everything.

From that moment on, until three years ago, the need to be nearly perfect at deciding stretched out in front of me like a gauntlet each time I attempted something new.

Today, it no longer matters how I approach decision-making, the process I go through is mine to decide.

Today, I decided to let go of the vice around my heart.

 . . .

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One Comment
  1. A mind is a beautiful thing to change! I’m not sure why “changing our minds” is so frowned upon in our society. Being able to discern what is best for oneself “in the here and now” and to adjust accordingly is a wonderful option to have and to exercise. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights, Kim.

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