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Feldenkrais classes next week, Posture: Return to Neutrality

September 12, 2012

My month off is winding down even as the winds rev up. If I thought the Oregon Coast was windy when I visited there, it was nothing compared to the last few days here in Portland. Even my littlest dog was spooked walking in our forested neighborhood with all the trees blowing and groaning overhead.

While I was there, I got wrapped up in the patterns the wind makes with the sand. It seemed to me the beach was much more sculpted and shaped into miniature mountains and valleys than we normally see in Manzanita.


Join me for the next 5-week session of classes.

We’ll explore Posture: Returning to Neutrality. Most of us have either a flexing (rounded) pattern or an extended (arching) pattern in our standing and sitting. We won’t take away your particular version of standing, sitting or walking, but we can do much to bring you closer to a neutral posture.

A neutral posture will support you in everything else you do and contribute to your overall good health and well-being.


View from Neakahnie Mountain

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do. Looking forward to being back in class.


Coming Soon: Change Your Age workshop on November 17
One Comment
  1. Thank you for the reminder to return to simplicity and restfulness. It allows me to more fully access my potential.

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