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For the Love of Your BARE Feet

June 10, 2012

Earlier this month, nearly 20 people came to the Feet So Good workshop in Eugene. They were interested in what they could do to care for their own feet, in true do-it-yourself Eugene spirit. Many of the participants knew something of the Feldenkrais Method and were eager take part in more. But regardless of whether they had experience or not, the interest was high in unravelling the story of foot pain.

Holding hands.

What I found in Eugene, and every time I teach about the feet, is that how we organize our foundation (feet) to touch and anchor on the ground sets us up for how we touch and anchor in our lives. In addition, there is something in being barefoot that returns us to a state of sensory awareness we cannot access when we wear socks and shoes despite the cultural admonishments to do just that in our western culture.

This month, on the 16th of June, I’ll be teaching at Sellwood Yoga with a specific emphasis on bare feet. From 1-3pm, I’ll focus the workshop, For The Love of Your Bare Feet, on the specific ins and outs of going barefoot.

The ground in Portland is nice and warm this time of year and it’s a great opportunity to conduct your own barefoot experiment and begin a process of rehabilitating your feet. We will focus 100% of our time on what it is to be barefoot and how doing so will change your brain and your experience of life.

If you’ve attended my foot-focused workshops in the past, this will be a good time to refresh your memory, renew your curiosity about being truly barefoot, and learn some ideas about gradually building up your tolerance. If you’ve never attended a foot workshop with me, your opportunity to change the way you view your self awaits.

Register here for The Love of Your Bare Feet 

  1. deborah permalink

    I got so light on my feet it felt like floating.

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