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Class Fees (important update)

May 29, 2012

Dear Students,

I’ve been teaching the Friday 10:45am Awareness Through Movement class in Portland for 5 years now and we’re well on our way through the first year of the Wednesday noon class. I thoroughly enjoy your enthusiasm, motivation, and dedication. Our time learning together has become a wonderful part of my week and some of you have been following me around for quite some time now. I’m very, very glad to be on the road of life with you.

I’ve updated and stream-lined the payment options for the classes. These changes might affect your expectations when you arrive for class, so I hope you’ll take a moment to read.

Logistics: Classes are typically grouped in 5-week themes. Occasionally there is a series that is less than 5 weeks because of holiday or vacation. 5-weeks is not a magic number, it’s just the number of weeks I’ve chosen to focus on a particular theme before changing and moving to another one. You may attend any class without feeling as though you’ve missed out on the others. There is no such thing as pre-requisites or levels of classes. This means that anyone can drop-in on class on any week.

Fees: A 5-week session is $50. Or, you may pay a drop-in fee of $15. If you will miss one class, it is still to your advantage to pay the full fee for the 5 weeks. If you are going to miss two or more classes, it is to your advantage to pay the drop-in fee.

The pro-rating of classes has been discontinued. That payment option was a hold-over from a couple of years ago and no longer fits the present class logistics. Also, please note that I have considered punch cards and decided not to offer them. I have considered other payment plans and rejected them. I am purposely simplifying the process so I’ll be able to keep the prices fixed at the present level for a considerable time to come.

Payment Options: You can pay with cash, a check, or online through the Google Checkout feature on my website.


Here’s to unraveling your story and carrying it lightly, 


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