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A Slow Beginning, A Smoother Experience . . . classes resume May 2 and 4

April 26, 2012

A friend of mine recently broke a toe and came to me for a lesson. As we worked together, we re-remembered what most Feldenkrais students come to realize, that a slow and gradual beginning activates only the muscles actually necessary to complete a movement. The experience is one of greater fluidity and ease. No forcing, mashing, urging, or competing. In fact, less is more and the sensation becomes one of floating and gliding along through the day.

Even the long-time teacher needs that reminder and this week I’m studying the phenomenon enthusiastically. I’m exploring London and the area with the advantage of an unrushed pace, like my friend healing from his broken toe. I’m finding I’m absorbing a great deal, the off-beaten paths and the unexpected moments. We happened on the London Marathon, we found the Summer House restaurant on the canal in Little Venice with its absolutely perfect Niçoise salad, and we’re following our noses to Notting Hill in the morning.

What’s missing on this trip is the anxiety of yore. Will the customs line be long? Will we make it to the train on time? Will we find the hotel? What is the best restaurant? Instead of the anxiety, there is curiosity and a sense of adventure. A smoothness that stepping slowly brings. On our first day here, we stepped outside the high-rise hotel for some air in a neighborhood unknown to guidebooks and stumbled into a practically perfect pub that serves fresh and local ingredients, as if it was waiting for us.

For myself, I’ll keep studying my habits via the Feldenkrais Method because this process of using attention to our best advantage requires an ongoing practice. Any one of us can easily get caught up in the rush of anxiousness surrounding us in our world today.

And, I’m even more enthused to return home and teach my Wednesday noon and Friday 10:45am classes. I’m pretty sure that’s the purpose of a vacation . . . one returns home invigorated to resume anew the life one left.

See you very soon!


Classes resume May 2nd and May 4th. 

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