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Feldenkrais Class . . . Updates.

March 30, 2012

Reminder: No class this week, we will resume classes on Wednesday, April 4 at Noon (Hollywood) and Friday, April 6 at 10:45am (Alberta).

Good News for Friday class students: Wonderful classroom located in NE Portland. Details to come. Schedule remains the same until May, so keep showing up at 1829 NE Alberta until then.

Zeroing in on some Change Your Age workshop dates: I heard you and I’m responding. I’m hopeful for a mid-late June weekend workshop in Portland in the Change Your Age classes. As I’ve prepared for the Klamath Falls version, I’m finding myself much more engaged in the process in this weekend format. I’m listening to that too, and we’ll follow how it unfolds.

And, a lesson for your thoughts and senses: Check in and see how resilient you are. By that, I mean listen to how you respond when things don’t go as you had expected. See how long it takes you to recover. Listen to your body and your breath and your posture. The way you are organized will tell you everything you need to know about when things are okay again.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week . . . 

One Comment
  1. Wally Walsh permalink

    Greetings from Eugene! Thanks for the updates on upcoming classes and workshops. We’re having a blast at the training. The Improvisation class just prior to starting up down here was absolutely the best way to scramble my brain and CNS. I prefer mine shaken, not stirred….thank you very much! Ha Ha! Look forward to seeing you and being back in class soon.



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