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Reflections: The Space Between

March 16, 2012

The space between my toes was non-existent. My long feet, crammed into size 11 shoes, insisted that the space between my toes had to give. There wasn’t enough air in there and it was dark and squished and my toes became sardines in a can.

Nowadays, having spent years in size 12 shoes and then last summer 6 months barefoot, the space between my toes is generous.

Gradually, so gradually, the weeks and months have gone by and the space between my toes grows generous and kind and my feet no longer ache or cry out. My spine is more supple and my heart softer.

Who can stomp when walking barefoot? Who can hold tension in a foot that has room to spread and mold and fold and conform to a ground that changes and a sidewalk that cracks.

It all comes down to the space between my toes and how resilient I am. Now, as the space grows between my toes, I feel space between my thinking of the way things have to be and ought to be and could be and actually are.

It’s in the space between cramming my toes into slightly, ever so slightly, too-small of shoes and now when there’s room to wiggle inside every shoe . . . it’s in that space that I’ve grown and softened and let some of my sticky past get stuck onto something else and I’ve walked away free and carefree and awash in a different way of noticing and stepping and accepting the ground beneath my feet.


Kim’s next speaking engagements:

Olympia: Feet So Good, the annual meeting of the Northwest Region of The Feldenkrais Guild of North America. Closed event.

Klamath Falls: Change Your Age (CYA FINAL),  March 31 & April 1. Talk to Kim about carpooling from Portland. Open to anyone.

Portland: Healthy Feet, Healthy Posture. Pie Footwear, April 12 at 6:30pm. Open to anyone.

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  1. squidlovesbird permalink

    Well written. Thanks Kim.

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