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February 14, 2012

I’m thinking of all the women I know who are wives, mothers, stepmothers, mother-in-laws, daughter-in-laws, daughters, sisters, cousins, grand-daughters and aunts. It’s a lot of women, in fact, it’s 100% of the women I know.

We’re in need of the most simple thing you can imagine, we’re in need of a pause. A WomanPause.

We need a pause because we are going too fast. We are trying to do too much. We are sometimes succeeding in doing too much and we are then convincing ourselves that it was good to do so much. And we try to do more. We reach a point when we cannot do more and we sit back on our haunches and wail . . . why, oh why, can I not do more?

Why? Indeed . . .

Kim with Vera, on the Eastbank Esplanade

In my own life, I reached a point when I ran out of gas. Literally. I was the half-marathon walking coach for a local shoe store and I had sailed through the previous year’s training and finished the half marathon in great time. I was enthusiastic and full of energy and we had a blast. I was a good teacher and the season finished splendidly. The following season was a completely different story. I got halfway through the very same routine we had done the year before and I could not keep going. It was as though someone put lead in my legs, they would not move.

I thought I was sick and it turned out I was in the throes of peri-menopause, which I like to call WomanPause. It’s not a choice, you really need to slow down. You don’t get to push, because there’s nothing else to pull on to make the pushing work.

Out of that time of slowness, I learned a lot and found a new dimension to the world. I’m back with the half-marathon training and having a blast sharing what I’ve learned with my students and the other walkers. And, I’ll never push myself like I did before I hit the wall. There are much more sustainable ways to be engaged in the world and I’m finding I have a richer, better quality life than I had before when I was running around trying to do too much.

Join me and Heather Helmy, Registered Dietitian, as we give you a few of our ideas on getting into the Pause mode, woman-style. We are living it and enjoying it, and ready to pass on the gems to you.

WomanPause, February 23, 7:30pm @ Sellwood Yoga. Register here . . .


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One Comment
  1. sounds fabulous kim, having learned that it is truly learning to be in the moment… trusting that stepping out of the known into a new way of engaging in my life is what ‘pausing’ can teach all of us and maybe some woman will learn it in an easeful way from those of us that had to really step back!!! before going forward.
    have a great class. YOU ROCK!!!

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