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Deeply personal, the Feldenkrais Method works for you . . .

January 24, 2012

A funny aha happened on the way to my computer . . .

It has become apparent to me that this Feldenkrais work is so deeply personal that most of the celebration when change happens takes place quietly and out-of-the-public-eye. If you’ve any doubt of that, remember how difficult it was for you to locate a practitioner.

Indeed, the process of learning and letting go of the old habits is very personal. As a student of this method for 20 years, my nervous system knows well the ups and downs of learning about my compulsions and sorting through how to let them go. Even now, examining with a magnifying glass the family legacy my relatives passed along and experiencing the benefits of freedom that come when one breaks those long-time patterns moves me forward in anticipation.

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Of primary importance is that you find the tools you need to uncover your own legacy and improve your own situation. If you learn that the posture of your face relates to the posture of your body, if you get it that a large portion of your body postures carried by the long line of relatives who’ve come before you, and if you learn that by changing your habit of walking you can influence how you think, then let’s dive into the lessons so you can change your walking and your postures!

There is never a push for you to attend an event, it is much more important to me that you bring yourself to a class or a private lesson when you are ready. When you are ready, you’ll know it. You might feel a little funny and nervous about what you are getting into, that’s more common than not. There isn’t a neat package of lessons all tied up in a bundle for you or a perfect description of the Feldenkrais Method that answers every person’s questions. Most often, you simply need to bring yourself and get on the table or the floor and feel what it means to let go of the old stuff that gets in your way.

And, to give more options for our discovery time together, a second Awareness Through Movement class is coming soon at 12-noon on Wednesdays in the Hollywood District.

You might also choose to join me on January 29 (For the Love of Your Feet) or February 9 (Developing Flexible Feet) for more discoveries in the foundations of your posture.

If you have been waiting for a special class and it hasn’t happened, send me your ideas. Please feel comfortable emailing me privately if you’d rather not leave a public comment, your requests and thoughts are very important to me.

May you gain all the tools and insights you need to live this next moment, day, week, month, and year. Every aha counts . . .

Warm regards,




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