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Taking Time

June 1, 2011

Indeed, it takes time to accomplish something valuable.

It has taken me 75 days to be able to walk barefoot on gravel. The first time I tried, I thought I’d die, well, that’s how the saying goes. My feet hurt. But after walking barefoot without socks in all kinds of weather and on lots of different surfaces, the skin on my feet has toughened up.

Five years ago when I became a stepmother, I thought I’d die, and that is the way it goes. My heart hurt. I was not used to things being said and thought about me that weren’t related to who I was. I wasn’t toughened up enough to handle being ignored. But, after enough waiting, holding respect in my heart, and understanding their situation I came to a moment of acceptance. Me of them. Them of me. And, after enough life had been lived, the constriction around my heart loosened and there was no longer a need for protection.

It takes time for relationships to get beyond the initial fragile stage, just as it takes time for skin to get toughened from use. Funny then, to note how the skin on feet grows smooth and burnished and able to withstand amazing use and stress.

We can begin toward a goal or an idea or commit to something that seems nearly impossible. Always, it takes time.

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