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Events: Fundamentals of The Feldenkrais Method at Yoga Pearl

May 20, 2010

Kim Cottrell will teach “Fundamentals of The Feldenkrais Method” at Yoga Pearl on June 6, 2-4pm. $30, $25 if registered by May 30.

The Feldenkrais Method-what’s it all about? It’s not exercise, but it can help you be stronger. It’s not meditation, but it will bring you calm. It’s not therapy, but it will almost always ease your discomfort. The Feldenkrais Method is a way of learning about yourself, about your options, and your potency. Join us for a discussion of principles such as distribution of effort, discrimination of differences, sovereignty of being, and freedom of movement. In our go-go-push-push world, it’s all too easy to overdo and end up injured, so these concepts are the perfect enhancement to one’s yoga practice.

View the flyer here 010-feldenkrais-v3.

Stay tuned for other “appearances” by Kim in and around the Portland-Metro area!

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