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Feldenkrais Notes Link: Change Your Age

March 15, 2010

Meet Dr. Frank Wildman, Educational Director of the Feldenkrais training program that I graduated from in 1996. Here he is on the Today show in Australia, in an interview about his recent book, Change Your Age.  Listen to Dr. Wildman explain the Feldenkrais Method and discuss our ability  to live in a more pleasurable way.

My other favorite book of his is The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement. I’ve shared that book with dozens of my clients who enjoy it for it’s ease, directness, and applicability to real life. And, in case you’ve ever considered a training . . . Dr. Wildman will be teaching a new Feldenkrais training in Eugene, Oregon beginning in September. You can find more information on his website at Feldenkrais Movement Institute.


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