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The Hoop . . . After-Class Tidbit

March 14, 2010

NOTE: This is not a complete Awareness Through Movement lesson. This is a “reminder” of the shape of the lesson for those who were there. It’s a classic, as I learned it from Jeff Haller, Feldenkrais Trainer and aikido expert and the list is so long I can’t remember all his accomplishments.

Lie on your back and bend your legs. Put your feet on the floor and take your knees to the right and the left, a small distance. Listen to the movement in your spine and pelvis and find where the rest of the body participates in the rolling of your knees from side to side. Keep your knees about the same distance apart as your hips/feet, so you’re not collapsing onto your side. Rest.

Hoops are everywhere . . .

Resume lying on your back with bent knees. Make a hoop of your arms and take the hoop left and right. Keep the hoop round and when you move it from side to side, see that you maintain the integrity of the hoop. Only make the side to side motion of your hoop to the extent that you can maintain the shape and roundness. Rest with legs long.

Return to your back, knees bent, hoop extended in front of you. Take your hoop and your knees side to side, together, in the same direction. Do this many times and pause. Then take your hoop in one direction and your knees in the other. Find the way to make this smooth, as smooth as your morning coffee, maybe even smoother. Then, rest.

Return to the knees bent, hoop out in front of you position, lying on your back. Now, play with taking your knees and the hoop one way and your head and eyes the other way.

Circles, circles

You are looking for smooth movements and smooth transitions. Then, take your eyes and knees together in one direction and your hoop and head in the other. Go back and forth, easily, smoothly. Finally, take your eyes and hoop together and your knees and head together. Reverse the movement until you can do this without feeling any glitches or gaps in smoothness.

Go back to the beginning and take your knees side to side. What happens to the shape of your spine when you do this? Which direction does your head want to turn? Any combo goes, so play around. And, when you’re walking . . . see if you can find this in your movement in that activity.

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