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Easy Crawling . . . After-Class Tidbit

March 8, 2010

NOTE: This is not a complete Awareness Through Movement lesson. This is a “reminder” of the shape of the lesson for those who were there.

Stand on all fours . . . in other words, position yourself on your hands and knees. Put your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Notice the shape of your spine and the position of your head. Is your back rounded? Is it arched? Is your head hanging toward the floor or is it in line with your spine. Just notice.

Begin by taking your right hand away from the floor. Simple, easy, just move so your palm is not touching the floor. What’s the simplest way to do that? Repeat this action and find several different strategies. Then take your left hand off the floor. Same noticings, what is changing? What is the simplest way to take your palm off the floor? Do this several times and rest in sitting.

Return to all fours. Move your right knee so it does not touch the floor. Notice what happens to your spine when you make this move. Do the move many times and find out what changes from the time you are on all fours to the time you are with your knee away from the floor. Do the same thing for the left knee. Rest on your back.

Lift your right hand, then right knee, the left knee, then left hand. Begin to lift one limb, right, left, left, right. Alternate. Then lift your left hand and your right knee at the same time. Continue to find the simplest way to make that move. Lift your right hand, then left knee. Do this again and again, find how to reduce the effort. Notice what is “ready.” Rest.

Begin to crawl backward. Just the beginning. What moves first? What part of your body do you rely on to begin shifting your weight and moving backward? Take several “steps” backward. Pause in sitting. Then, return and go forward. Examine the same issue . . . what is it that adjusts and adapts to get you ready to move your weight forward? Do you lean forward? Do you push yourself forward? What do you do with your head? Is it easier to go fast with your head hanging down or when it is more upright and your eyes can look around? Rest on your back.

Return to all fours and simply lift each limb. Find out if there is a different sense of readiness and preparedness for movement in your spine, in your breath, and in your intention. And, look at the Reflections section for a few comments about my final class comments.

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