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Reaching the Circle . . . After-Class Tidbit

March 2, 2010

Reaching the Circle

Lie on your right side, rest your head on your right arm or a small bolster. Put your left arm out in front of you on the floor and begin reaching with your left hand/arm. Reach many times and discover how “deeply” into your body the reaching is stored. Does the movement stop at your shoulder, does it stop at your shoulder blade, your upper spine? Continue reaching and find the pathway to the smallest movement in your ribs and pelvis that you can imagine noticing. Rest.

Lying on your right side, reach your left hand/arm down toward your feet. Reach toward your feet, keeping some contact of your arm with the side of your body. Do this many times and notice how your shoulder, ribs, and pelvis organize to do this reaching. Rest.

Lie in the same configuration on your side, but this time reach your left arm upward, above your head.  Only reach so far as is comfortable. Note when there is strain in your left shoulder or neck. Slow down and see if you can do less work and feel less pulling in your shoulders. How far down your body do you feel this reaching? Is your pelvis connected to this reaching in any way? The next time you reach, reach your left hip toward your left hand. Do that many times and then do the opposite. Reach with your left hand above your head and take your left hip away from your reaching arm. Alternate, one time taking your hip with the movement, the next time taking it away from the movement. Rest.

Lie on your right side and reach behind you with your left arm/hand. Find an angle you can reach in that is comfortable for your shoulder. Reach a few times and pay particular attention to whether it’s easiest to do this reaching with your palm facing the floor or facing the ceiling. Reach only in the range that feels good and take note of any over-reaching tendencies. Rest.

Once more, lie on your right side and connect the directions around the circle. Reach forward with your left hand, then slide your hand upward around the circle and then around behind you. Notice when your ribs and pelvis need to do in order for this to be a smooth movement. Keep sliding your hand in the clockwise direction but only as long as it is comfortable. if it becomes uncomfortable, reverse directions and go the other way. Do this a few times until you know the extent of the range of your movement or until you need to take a break.

You are invited to do these movements while lying on your left side and moving your right arm. Take your time to truly discover what it is that is happening in your ribs and pelvis. Notice when you get stuck and what it is that is getting in your way.

See you on Friday!

  1. We did a lesson on reaching a couple of years ago and I think about it almost every time I reach up to a high shelf to get something. It permanently affected my reaching!

    • Was that the one where you stood by the wall and reached around in a circle? I remember that too, and I love the idea that reaching from my FEET can be such a relief on my shoulders. Thanks for commenting, Margaret.

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