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Turning in Standing . . . After-Class Tidbit

February 23, 2010

NOTE: This is not a complete Awareness Through Movement lesson. This is a “reminder” of the shape of the lesson for those who were there.

Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart and look to your right. Feel all the turning that occurs throughout your skeleton. Notice the pressure under your feet and how that alters with your turning and looking movement. Rest by walking around.

Stand again and turn with your eyes leading the way. Do this a few times and then lead with your head and leave your eyes behind. They can find a place on the wall to pay attention to while the rest of you turns. Then turn with everything. Continue turning and noticing and see what happens if you lean more onto your right foot as you turn. Experiment with leaning more on your left foot as you turn. Find out how to turn and take your sternum first.

Lie down and have a rest.

Imagine how far this bird can turn when it looks.

Stand with feet shoulder distance apart and leave your head and eyes forward and turn the rest of your body to the right. Do this a few times and lead the movement with your strong eye. Then, switch and lead with your weak eye. Cover the weak eye and turn a few times. Then cover the strong eye and turn that way. Rest again by walking around. Then, return to turning with everything and see what the experience is of turning with all that is possible to turn with.

Rest a bit and do the same process on the left.

Note Bene: Turning is the simplest way to unwind the spine and return the stresses of flexing and extending to a more neutral posture. This is one reason it feels so good. Resist the urge to stretch. Stop the turning when you get to the point of tautness.

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