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Lizard? Alligator? . . After-Class Tidbit

February 15, 2010

NOTE: This is not a complete Awareness Through Movement lesson. This is a “reminder” of the shape of the lesson for those who were there.”

Side-bending is a powerful action that propels these animals forward.

Lizards and alligators lie on their belly, and so should you for this lesson. Make yourself comfortable with your hands somewhere near your head. Begin to roll your right heel toward your midline. Do this many times and then roll it outward. Rest.

Then return to the movement. Roll your heel inward and begin small movements to bring your right knee closer to your head. Notice what adjustments you make in your pelvis and torso to allow this movement to be smooth and effortless. Go slowly and get the clearest sense you can of how you adjust to drawing your knee in the direction upward, toward your head.

Rest on your back.

Return to your belly and begin to explore the rolling of your left heel toward the midline. Do this many times, then roll it outward. How is this different than on the right? Grow the action and add the drawing of your left knee toward your head. Again, begin with a little, add a little more, then finally move your knee in the range that feels comfortable, still not interrupting your breath.

Rest fully. When you are ready, return to your belly and put your hands/arms loosely in push-up position. This time when you draw up your right knee, look under your arm toward your knee and foot and watch the movement, then lengthen that leg and bring your left knee up while you look under your left arm to see the motion. Do this alternating many times and then rest.

Get up and walk around. See how this influences how you approach the idea of taking the next step.

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