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Reflection: Waking up as “whom?”

February 9, 2010

Apparently, an Awareness Through Movement lesson might alter your “address.”

As I listened to  Dennis Leri, Feldenkrais Trainer and practitioner, during a three-day advanced training, it began to make more sense that what Feldenkrais was referring to when he spoke those words in San Francisco in 1974 was that one’s perception is altered during the experience of being on the floor. You lie down on the mat in a particular orientation, your orientation is shifted from the experiences of the lesson, and you get off the mat in a new state of being, a new point in time, with a new capacity to take information into your experience.

Now I wonder, how small of an Awareness Through Movement lesson is required to shift your address?

  1. Nice thought. It ties in quite well with your post below on stress and reactivity.

    On “resetting your address.” I have changed my address many times via the method and my own work. It has been useful and necessary. But I was somehow living within the same time zone. Or perhaps had only made cosmetic changes to my home. Recently, I have begin to change the very foundation. I hope more and more people get there. It’s a little scary and anxiety provoking at times, but I think it will be worth it.

    – Ryan

    • I know what you mean, Ryan, about “resetting” your address. It’s what my littlest dog does when she shakes . . . it’s as if she’s able to let go of all the unrecognizable and gets back to herself. I’ve often thought it would be really cool if we humans could shift that quickly and sometimes we can with only a few minutes of ATM on the floor, but other days, it’s a little longer process. Thanks for commenting here, it’s great to have an experienced Feldenkrais practitioner share his experiences. I’m having so much fun teaching these days, largely because my class is composed of a group of the most amazing learners. They surprise and delight me with their inquisitive nature, willingness to play with the stuck places, and the amount of awareness they brought with them into class. Fun, fun, fun!

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